Our Start

Young Professionals Salt Lake City was started in 2014 by Nchopia Nwokoma. After graduating from grad school, Nchopia secured the job of her dreams for a company located in Provo, Utah. During this time, she was residing in Houston, Texas and a member of several young professional organizations. She decided she would accept the job in Utah to build her resume. Her plan was to work there for a year and then relocate to any other major city with her new found skills. In the meanwhile, she figured she would join a young professional organization so she could meet other like minded individuals. To her surprise, a young professional organization did not exist. So she started Young Professionals Salt Lake City.

Overtime, young professionals in the community began to join the YPSLC’s leadership team. These young professionals helped transform YPSLC from an informal group of twentysomethings who would explore the town together to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has had tremendous impact on the community.  YPSLC leaders truly believe in our mission and ensuring every young professional has a quality experience in Utah and therefore want to continue to reside here.